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September FSI Alumni Interview - Yoonho Kim

Alumni Insight: Yoonho Kim (2020 Vice General Director of FSI-GHSU)

Interviewer: Jiwon Hyung (2022 FSI-GHSU Ambassador)

Date: September 1st, 2022

FSI Ambassador: Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today. Please briefly introduce yourself.

Yoonho: I am a sophomore attending the University of Georgia, and I am majoring in Sports Management. In the not-too-distant future, however, I plan to switch my major to Management Information System, a major which focuses on analyzing and managing computerized information systems.

FSI Ambassador: How do you find your university different from your high school?

Yoonho: I went to a small-sized high school where there were only around 100 students. It was indeed a close-knitted community, and we thought of ourselves as a family. Going to a university where there are 40,000 students is a big difference. I have been enjoying it here so far since I have made a lot of friends from all different places around the world. The best thing about university, though, is going to a lot of parties.

FSI Ambassador: What are some memorable moments or activities you experienced at FSI-GHSU?

Yoonho: I remember participating in a campaign called “Send His Father Home”. A group of high school students including myself went to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) with posters and banners. Mr. Hwang In Cheol’s father was abducted by North Korean spies in 1969, and we tried to inform people about the incident. Our intention was to let the government know and help Mr. Hwang and his family. Reporters came to publish his story and it felt really meaningful to spread awareness and make sure that the incident will not be forgotten in people’s memory.

FSI Ambassador: What part of your experience or values that you have learned in FSI-GHSU do you find most helpful in life?

Yoonho: I have learned the importance of volunteering during my time at FSI-GHSU. A lot of different opportunities I encountered at FSI -GHSU taught me how to use my knowledge to help out and support others.

FSI Ambassador: How would you describe your personal goal during your time at FSI-GHSU? Do you think you have sought any personal growth?

Yoonho: My personal goal was to establish and run an FSI club at my school. I think it was quite successful. The FSI club had 25 members in total.

FSI Ambassador: Do you have any tips you can give to students who are interested in establishing an FSI club at their school?

Yoonho: You definitely need leadership and initiative to start a club. Recruiting new members is always a difficult task but I would say start small. There will be people who are interested in the mission of FSI which is advocating for the lives of North Korean refugees. Being an entertainer also helped me draw more members to the club.

FSI Ambassador: Do you have any advice for seniors preparing for college applications?

Yoonho: Devote a lot of your time in writing your application. Everyone’s senior year is full of deadlines and decision-making. It is a stressful time of the year for sure. Finding a balance between extracurricular and college applications is important.

FSI Ambassador: What are your future plans?

Yoonho: Well, I plan to take a gap year to serve in the Korean military next year. My goal after that would be to keep supporting the lives of North Korean refugees and continue being a supportive alumnus of FSI.

FSI Ambassador: Thank you for the interview!

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